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A New Year, A New Way to Think About Senior Care

Posted by West Ridge Care Center on Jan 31, 2017 2:47:07 PM


As the only registered Eden Alternative facility in Cedar Rapids, we are often asked to define our unique philosophy of care. You can see it reflected in the way we treat our Elders and in everything we do. It motivates us to provide better care and become better care partners. But what exactly is the Eden Alternative Philosophy?

Understanding the Eden Alternative Philosophy

Simply put, the Eden Philosophy is an alternative approach to senior care.

Traditionally, long-term care facilities are stigmatized as places of frailty and waiting. The Eden Alternative Philosophy seeks to turn this idea on its head and create a new kind of care environment. Through this approach, care facilities become human habitats that treat more than just physical ailments—they address the human need for emotional and spiritual fulfilment.

Aging is often seen as a period of decline, but we view it as another step in the continuous journey to grow as a person. In caring for our Elders, we learn from them. We draw inspiration from them. And in doing so, we grow ourselves. This allows the care giver becomes the care partner, and our Elders play a greater role in their own wellness, preserving their independence, their dignity, and their sense of self-worth.

The Eden Alternative Philosophy at Work

At its core, the Eden Alternative Philosophy of care seeks to eliminate the three plagues that tend to affect long-term care centers: loneliness, helplessness and boredom.


To combat loneliness, we encourage social interaction by offering a variety of group activities that our Elders can choose from. Our community ties run deep—guests from schools, churches, and other organizations drop by frequently to perform, volunteer or just visit with the folks at West Ridge. Care Partners also help ease loneliness by lending an ear and acting as a friend.


We view care not as a one-way street where the caregiver makes all the decisions, but as a partnership between humans. No matter what stage you are on in your journey through life, we believe you have the right to live with purpose. We encourage Elders to play an active role in their care and make decisions for themselves whenever possible.


We strive to make West Ridge a home where spontaneity is a part of everyday living. Frequent outings led by our highly-trained staff are a large part of our Activity Program. The Garden is another important part of our human habitat that connects our Elders to nature and animals. Visiting pets are a popular addition to West Ridge, and are often seen playing with Elders or snuggling on their laps.

Whether you’re seeking long-term care for yourself or a loved one, or you’re looking to rehabilitate after an injury or illness, West Ridge offers a community of care in a setting that feels like home. To schedule a tour or to meet the West Ridge staff in person, call 319-390-3367, or click here to send us a message.

The West Ridge Difference

Long-term Care and Skilled-Care Rehab Services for Elders in Cedar Rapids, IA 

West Ridge Care Center embraces a different approach to Elder care—one that centers around habitats that encourage growth at every stage of life. Follow our blog for the latest news and happenings at West Ridge, and information on our unique philosophy of care.


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