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Reducing Falls with Gait Analysis

Posted by West Ridge Care Center on Nov 7, 2018 11:22:52 AM

As we quickly approach winter, the risk of falling increases for Elders. Among Elders, 87% of all fractures are due to falls. Nearly two-thirds of those Elders who sustain a fall will fall again within six months. One out of every 200 falls results in a hip fracture for those aged 65 to 69. That number increases to one out of 10 for Elders aged 85 and over. ISS_4831_00869

One way to reduce the risk of falls for Elders is through “gait analysis.” Gait analysis is a clinical examination of one’s gait that provides an integrative overview of the body structures that are used when walking. West Ridge uses a 3-D motion analysis that accurately and precisely evaluates a patient’s gait speed. We do this analysis at admission and again at discharge to help provide our patients and their families with a full picture of their improvement.

An accurate and thorough analysis of gait speed is a valuable predictor of fall risk. The National Institutes of Health reports that an increase in gait speed of just .08 meters per second or greater can significantly impact gait performance and reduce the associated fall risk. Accurate and consistent assessment of gait speed over time can be difficult, but with our 3-D motion analysis we have been able to provide our patients will the best data available. This chart shows the increase in gait speed for three of our patients. Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 2.28.58 PM

If you or a loved one would benefit from gait analysis and reducing fall risks, please get in touch with us at (319) 390-3367. You can also find more about our rehabilitative skilled care services here.

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